Dianoxyl 50 (Dianabol – Methandrostenolone, Methandienone)


Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Category: SALE
Substance: Dianabol (Methandrostenolone, Methandienone)
Package: 20 tabs (50 mg/tab)

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Product Description

Dianoxyl 50 is an oral anabolic steroid that contains Methandrostenolone (Methandienone) and has pronounced androgenic and anabolic properties. Its main purpose is to sustain the formation of proteins in the human body and it increases considerably and immediately the muscular mass. It is one of the most used orals among athletes and bodybuilders, because it is also essential in the recovery of muscle fibers in the post cycle period.
Dianoxyl 50 strengthens of tissue nutrition, enhances the glycogenolysis, assures of a positive balance of calcium in the bones structures, retain the sulfur, potassium, sodium, azot, phosphor and water in the human body. Greater effect can be achieved if taken in combination with injectable medications as Testosterone, Sustanon or Deca Durabolin. Anti-estrogens as Proviron and Nolvadex are also required. Average dosage: men – 15-40 mg per day, women – 5-10 mg. The beginners should start with a lower dose and increase it gradually. A cycle of Dianoxyl 50 usage is about 8 weeks. Side effects: loss of muscle definition in both subcutaneous water and fat build, as well as well as gynecomastia, water retention, acne and hair loss.