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Genotropin_fda[1]Growth Hormone – polypeptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids. In our body, it is naturally produced by the pituitary gland, this requires certain external factors, such as power training, sleep, stress, or low blood sugar. Also hormone growth can be synthesized artificially. This synthetic version of HGH, now accepted as the standard, does not cause the terrible disease (fatal brain disease) than favorably with the old versions, which were obtained from the brains of deceased people (in the original – “dead cadavers” , dead bodies . Use of growth hormone in sport has three main advantages. The hormone has a strong anabolic effect and causes increased protein synthesis, which leads both to an increase in muscle cell size, so and to increase their number. Steroids also cause growth in cell size of muscle tissue, but do not increase their numbers, and this is the glavnoeotlichie synthetic growth hormone and steroids. Middle loop application of growth hormone increases the “dry” muscle mass average 9%. The second big advantage of synthetic growth hormone is that it greatly intensifies the combustion fat. It allows the body to use more fat for energy, which leads to the impressive loss of body fat and at the same time, allows you to consume more calories without visible consequences. genotropin pens

The main fat loss occurs at the injection sites. The average loss of fat reserves during the average rate is about 15%. The third plus growth hormone is that it enhances sledinitelnye tissue, ligaments and cartilage, which should be the main reason for the increase of power of the results experienced by many athletes. This – the main reason for the popularity of HGH among strength athletes, lifters and weightlifters. Much has been written articles and posts in newsgroups, who claim that HGH – a waste of money and that he does not perform the functions assigned to it. There are several reasons for which people have such different effects from the use of hormone growth. Firstly, many people use it too short a time. The average length of the cycle of growth hormone ranges from six weeks to six months. The price of the drug here, too, plays a role. Many simply can not afford to buy the amount of drug required for effective operation. It seems to me that this drug in combination with insulin provides the difference in weight and elaboration of muscle that separates the amateur from the professional. To use this drug need serious money growth hormone cycle cost several thousand dollars. Personally, I am convinced that this is the cause of the horror stories that the use of growth hormone bound to make of a man a homosexual. Those who said they just wanted to stay at a competitive level with the others. Secondly, in fact, by itself, this drug is not used. We need four basic substances, which need to combine growth hormone to produce the desired anabolic effect. The cycle need synthetic growth hormone, steroids, insulin and some synthetic forms of thyroid hormone, e.g. Cytomel or triakana. Only together they will make your liver produce an optimal amount of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors. Most top bodybuilders claim that insulin is needed for the activation of growth hormone. The received insulin should have an effective action of 24 hours per day. Steroids are taken in order to give the body a boost anti-catabolic, in which he needs. When all this primenyaestya together, the effect is obtained in a synergistic, the net effect is more powerful than the simple sum of the effects of each individual element. The third reason for allegations of ill-effects of growth hormone is that most of the drug, they bought with it, it is not growth hormone and normal HCG. Not surprisingly, Cho people after the course declare crappy results. Try HCG cycle and see what happens. In the best case – bitch tits and itching in the eggs. No thanks, not for my two hundred green. For the price hormone growth can not buy, and buy it can not everywhere. In order to growth hormone remained effective, it must be kept frozen and stored at a constant tempereature 36-46 degrees Fahrenheit (about 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, i.e. – in the refrigerator). If someone sells you a warm ampoule of growth hormone, you can bet your money, something is wrong here. And finally – many people simply never see the effect of the synthetic hormone growth because their bodies produce antibodies against it, rendering it useless. It is possible to get upset if five thousand dollars spent on cycle went down the drain. Side effects of growth hormone, there are many. Basic – hypoglycemia and disorder of the thyroid functioning of the gland. Most of the stories about agromegalii associated with young people drug. When it established normal adult body size, everything must be in order (if we talk only about this side effect). For most people, this means the age threshold for the use of the drug in 20 years. Also, there are many cases of diabetes, hypertension, hypertrophy of the heart muscle, etc. etc. In general you have been warned.

Effective dosages

Most athletes take between four and sixteen units of the drug per day. 4 IU a day – the minimum dosage. Our body is a natural way produces one-half to one and a half units of growth hormone in the day, the number depends on the conditions – exercise, sleep, stress, blood sugar. The half-life of growth hormone – less than an hour. So Oraz, you need to divide the total daily dose into many small, of the order of 2 units to a shot, then you can expect to get for your money is the maximum benefit. Injections are usually made in the abdomen. Packed growth hormone as well as HCG – in two vials, one with a dry powder, the second – with the solvent (which is why perhaps with hands instead of growth hormone are often sold gonadotropin). To activate the drug both fractions are mixed together. After smshivaniya preparation active for 7 days under the condition of freezing, or need to use it immediately. When mixing the drug does not need to shake must smoothly agitate components smooth rotational movements.