Increlex IGF 1 LR3 10mg/ml 4ml Vial

IGF-1 LR3 – a modified version of a conventional insulin-like growth factor-1. The drug is an intermediary metabolite and effects of GH (growth hormone) in the human body. Formulations of IGF-1, also known as somatomedin C, have a number of structural similarities with insulin, hence the name of the substance, increlex buy online. Currently, the “original peptide” and its modified versions are used in the form of drugs in medical practice, as well as in sports practice (for quality muscle growth, increase strength and endurance).

Recently, the domestic market of pharmacology can be found a great variety of different versions of the insulin-like growth factor. Chinese preparation is IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) without exaggeration is one of the promising tools in this list. This peptide is improved with prolonged action, and, consequently, a higher efficacy in the body of the athlete.

Pharmacology of St Biotechnology Co of new parties is equipped with a system of protection against counterfeiting (in the old parties it does not exist). This protection involves the introduction of the code (found on the box under the holographic label) on the official website. Also on the new peptide box reveals two Void stickers on the sides, which in the case of opening left inscription “void”, pointing to the autopsy took place.

What makes IGF-1 LR3 ?

According to their structure and the schematic LR3 impact modified peptide is substantially complete analog of the original substance. The drug has a similar effect on the human organism leads to the appearance of identical positive and adverse effects.

The main feature that stands out the LR3 IGF-1, and which are not endowed with its analogs is the high duration. Fact drug originally was developed in order to increase the biological activity of IGF.

Comprising drug IGF-1 LR3 of 83 amino acids constituting its molecule. In practice, as well as during the incremental clinical and laboratory studies, found that a modified IGF, at least 2 times more powerful than its original version. Notably, this preparation not only has a long duration of action, but also more pronounced anabolic effect. Injections can cause severe muscle growth in a short application rate, lasting no more than 4-6 weeks.

Another feature of the material is its effect on muscle hyperplasia, ie on their ability to grow at the expense of the division. In particular, this effect is manifested in a period of intensive and regular exercise. Step St Biotechnology IGF-1 LR3, exerted on hyperplasia, unattainable with simple training where the muscle growth occurs through hypertrophy (by increasing the size of muscle cells). It is worth noting that not all steroids and peptides, which are considered analogs of this drug are able to manifest a comparable impact.

Other noteworthy properties of injection, e.g., burning fat and increase the body’s ability. Even if it is not the main effects in IGF-1 LR3 (1 mg), for which the drug is valued in bodybuilding, however, strengthening the immune system and the percentage reduction in subcutaneous fat in any case, will be a useful addition to the growth and development of muscle mass, improve performance in strength and endurance .

In general, IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) can lead to the manifestation of the following positive effects:

• Impact on the rate of transport of amino acids;

• The acceleration of transport of glucose in the body;

• Increased protein synthesis;

• Reducing the level of protein degradation;

• Increase of RNA synthesis;

• subcutaneous fat burning effect;

• The impact on the development of muscles and muscle growth;

• Improved power performance and endurance volumes.

Talking about the side and the positive effect of the drug, it is worth noting that the use of women IGF-1 LR3 from St Biotechnology Co, as well as analogues of other manufacturers, is poorly studied issue. We can not say how powerful will the impact of this tool on the female body, and show whether additional, more dangerous side effects. Therefore, we would advise girls to take advantage of advice from our experts at the Forum and their own not be resolved at the application.

Important: Unlike GHRP peptide group and CJC-1295 rate efficiency IGF weakly depends on the diet and diet. Of course, proper nutrition plays an important role, but not such as when used for similar effects of steroids and peptides. The only rule is that the athlete should try to keep using a drug comes to its introduction. This pharmacological agent is best administered immediately after training or before it started, if possible, the muscle group which is trained. So, you will be able to achieve tangible local growth and development of muscle tissue.

However, if you are not able to put the injection at the end or before the start of training, it’s okay. Increased biological activity, which has such a hormone preparation, in any case ensure the growth of muscle mass.

Since the drugs in this group are mostly administered locally and act locally, not circulating throughout the body, the potential of side effects during their use is extremely limited.

But this does not mean that the side effects of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg keg) are completely absent as such. It is known that during use of the tool lifter can face hypoglycemia. Low is the level of blood sugar can lead to dizziness. This effect of the drug can be easily avoided.

There is also a risk of bowel growth during treatment. This “disease” predominantly occurs when the athlete receives too large doses of IGF-1 from LR3 St Biotechnology Co or enters a drug too frequently. Inflated and dosage can lead to edema. During the administration of the drug have been reported only a few cases of such a defect, so that the risk is low. In general, most side effects are a consequence of the abuse of the drug than its disadvantages.

Storage of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) should be carried out of the reach of children and pets. Hold indoor drug must be in the refrigerator chamber, the reach of hit location of the sun. Shelf life – about 12 months. Storage temperature of the drug from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (freeze impossible).

Effective exchange rate St Biotechnology IGF-1 LR3

The course of the drug is simple. However, the athlete still have to learn some information. So, before making the LR3 IGF-1, you need to know how the breeding material, in what doses it is used and how often.

How to raise IGF-1 LR3, to keep the best possible effect? On the market at the moment there are three means by which you can dissolve somatomedin. First – it is water for injection. This fluid is sold in any pharmacy, it is tasteless, devoid of color and odor. Second option – a vitaminized water for injection (solvent-based group of vitamin B, which is not easy, but may be commercially available).

The third option, which may engage an athlete, planning the course of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg), – it is bactericidal / bacteriostatic water. This is perhaps the best decision. After bactericidal water has protective properties with respect to the finished solution, protecting it from damage bacteria, it can be understood from the name.

Where and how to prick IGF-1 LR3? Injections most reasonable place locally, in the trainee group of muscles. For injections using insulin syringes with the division into a hundred pieces. Thus, you save yourself from the confusion, and, consequently, the risk of overdose.

Injections of the drug administered during training. It is advisable to do injections shortly before or after the training. The dosage of IGF-1 LR3 varies from 20 to 120 micrograms. Optimal, for both beginners and experienced athletes, it is considered a dose of 50-100 mg (20-50mkg drug can not lead to dramatic increase muscle, but provide the athlete improving indicators of strength and endurance). In theory, if during the course there is no side effects, you can gradually increase the dose, but, in any case, do not use more than 120 mg of the drug per day.

It should also be added that the local injection is not required, simply considered to be more effective. Some makers have resorted to the usual systemic injection, for example, to the crease in the abdomen. And achieves good results. But too frequent injections in the same spot may cause local reactions.

After the course is to follow a break of 30 days. The duration of the course of the drug caused a decrease in the regulation of receptors. That is, if the reception to carry on for too long, the organisms have developed resistance to its effects. For this reason, more frequent administration of the drug does not increase its effectiveness, but only worsen the situation.

Reviews of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg)

In most cases, saying IGF-1 athletes mean just a modified version of the drug. After all, it is the most popular in the entire range. Therefore, it is no wonder that on this vehicle reviews go mostly positive. Experienced athletes have bought the drug, incessantly praised its higher duration of action compared to the original peptide. Yes, some buyers say that even such biological activity is not enough, however, it is in any case more than the usual insulin-like growth factor.

It is worthy of buyers and the relative safety of the drug. As the saying goes reviews of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) from , side effects during his reception occur only when the dosage overstated. And the disorders that sometimes occur during the course, are not an obstacle for training and maintaining a full life. Unless there has been a prolonged substance abuse, then the consequences can be really serious.

Talking about the course, not to mention the fact that its length is minimal when compared to analogs of the effect. At least reviews of IGF-1 LR3 Chinese preparation note that a 4-6 week course is extremely user friendly and at the reception of the drug do not need to concentrate all their attention, because injections are placed less frequently.

Reviews of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) can be found, for example, to visit the store forum. This is a comfortable area where an experienced athlete can always leave your opinion about sports pharmacology and novice athletes can gain knowledge, read the opinions of professionals and veterans of the sports scene.

Where to buy IGF-1 LR3 ?

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